Hell! What about it?

Hell is not a physical place, it is a state of being. It is total separation from God and everything good. Some think that would not be so bad, as they do not believe in God anyway. Non believers pretend that life is pretty good for them. Except for one thing, whether they admit it or not, they never fill fulfilled, happy or have peace of mind in life. That is why they strive so hard for achievement and social acceptance. People that say that they do not believe in God are lying to themselves and to you. They know it and so should you. You should know it by way of the gift of the Spirit of God known as the discerning of spirits. The truth is that they are tricked into pretending to deny God. They spend a lot of effort looking for proof that there is no God and a lot more effort trying to gain approval for their own self, whether from others or their own minds. Everyone at some point in life either has or will at some time cry out to God or for something bigger than themselves. Even if the cry is silent and private, this is a fact. It may be in the split second of being involved in an auto accident, it may be at the death of their loved one, or it may be while they are hugging their toilet after being out all night drinking.

Down deep everyone knows that there is a God. Only because there is a God are you able to live a decent life here on earth. All good comes from God and without him no good at all would exist on earth. It's kind of like you don't know much about what something does for you until you loose it. We humans take so much for granted. We do not realize how well we have it because of God and his over all goodness and Grace. You may not realize how much you really use your index finger but try going through your day with it cut off.

You will notice that in every bad situation, in every disaster, in every tragedy there is always some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. The good in everyone seems to blossom like summer roses as help and compassion pours out of them like an eternal water falls. That is the God part of the world that we live in. This is only because there are people that believe in God who keep his Spirit active here. 

So whether you say you believe in God or not, you take for granted his goodness in your life every moment. You may not believe in gravity but if you jump off of a cliff you will find out the hard way and too late that it is real. Think if you will for a moment of a world with any goodness whatsoever, not even the first good thought. Think for yourself, take all of the goodness out of any given situation and see what you get. You will find that even the worst situation is covered with bits of goodness. Every terrible situation would have been worse, if this or that wouldn't have happened.

Think of any time when you were depressed, scared, worried, sick or what ever. A time when your mind was going off on fear or something for a moment. Now imagine that moment increasing in intensity and never going away. Then compound that with all of the fears, depression and bad thoughts that you have ever had seen or known. Then throw that troubled mind in a cesspool full of all of the fear, depression and bad things forever, that is Hell. You might say that you have never had fear or anything like that, but you have. If not for the relief of some goodness we would have never recovered from the first fear that we had in early life.

So hell is a persons Spirit living forever without God or any relief from pain, fear and suffering. Your Spirit, your soul, your heart, they are all words for the one thing that you call your mind. Your mind and what tools (information) that it has to use and how you use them does determine everything about your life. Your mind has to function in both worlds (physical & spiritual) kind of like your computer, hard wired and wireless. You may or may not acknowledge your Spiritual existence but your mind is in fact influenced by it because your mind is part spiritual. The Spiritual part of your mind (the real you) is also what makes you live; God's Spirit is what the world calls the "missing link." God provides the life part, that's why it's spiritual. Are you getting the picture?

People were created by God and have the potential to be as God himself is. Therefore, people (good or bad, believe in God or not) are enemies to the devil.

Here are some facts:

The earth is physical but depends on Spirit to give the magic spark of life.

This world is the Devil's playground and a lot of people are fooled into playing along. Evil is not just made up of what people call bad things. Evil is anything that keeps you from a relationship with God your creator.

God is a Spirit and the things of and from God are Spiritual in nature.

You are a Spirit that is currently wearing an earth suite.

There are good and bad Spirits.

There are Angels.

There are good and bad angels.

The devil is an angel and has never been flesh.

Jesus the person was God's word in an earth suite, so God has been human and was rejected by humans.

The whole thing revolves around ensuring that life last forever, that is God's point of view. We, in every generation are the inheritors of life but often turn to become the passers on of sadness, starvation, sickness, oppression, death and every evil work and being a miserable person has nothing to do with economics.

The devil could care less whether or not you sin. He could care less one way or another about what goes on in hell. He is in a lost war against God because God became a human in the form of Jesus and conqured death. The devil wants to be God. He has power over everyone and everything except God, God's angels and people with the knowledge and wisdom to possess and use God's power by way of being reborn in God's Spirit. Confession, baptism and repenting is not enough. According to Jesus you have to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

You can look at the devil like a renegade person that has a lot of power and authority for a time. Like the leader of a gang with his gang to back him up; without the gang he is nothing to be feared. Stand up to the whole gang as a united community and the whole gang is nothing to be feared.

Now, the devil has but one mission and there are three basic steps to his mission. To kill, to steal and finally to destroy any and every thing that is human, keeping them from God and eternal life.

In life here as we know it, a person can be in one of three places:
1) Under the influence of the Spirit of God.
2) Under the influence of the devil.
3) Thinking that he or she is totally under their own authority.
Number 1 is the ultimate place to be. Number 2 is a bad place to be although it can falsely seem fulfilling for a season. Number 3 is a dangerous place to be because you do not have the blessing of God or of the devil. People in group number 3 are arrogant, selfish and self serving. They think that they are the sole reason for their success. They often fool people into thinking that they are charitable, but it is only to gain more power and acceptance. The appearance of Good.
"Hell is your mind living in torture forever!"
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