To and fro, to and fro,
around the earth his spirit does flow
searching high, searching low
where did all of his people go

Before daylight ever sees their eye
for a fee his babies die
their mommy's don't cry
and their daddies don't even sigh

To and fro, to and fro
he looks, wanting to know

Selfishness and greed
planted with their every seed
all that matters is what they need
his words they read
yet they do not heed
instead, from the world they choose to feed

Telling others how to live
but of themselves they would never freely give

To and fro, to and fro
where did his people go

Far from home
they did roam
now they face the world all alone

His name
some gladly claim
others speak it to shame
to them it's all a game
very few carry the flame

Daily they cry
always wondering why

Thinking to themselves, the world is so tough
I am not as bad as that one who is so rough
surely I am good enough

To and fro, to and fro
where did all of his people go!

Where are my people; God