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Now that you have safely landed it is time to go on an exploration adventure. You have landed in the United States of America. Click on the picture of the area that you wish to explore. "Good Luck" learn, and of course, "have fun!"
Inner tidal pool zone, southern pacific coast.
Discover some of the fascinating creatures that live in this dangerous area, as well as some fun facts.
The tide is out! It is safe to enter.You have between four and six hours to explore before the tide moves back in.
Salt Water Marsh
The only top of the food chain preditor
here is the coyote. Watch out he is sneaky.
This is a beautiful place to explore. Don't give to much thought to the coyote, he is as scared of you as you are of him. If he sees you first, you most likely will not see him.
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The Southwest.
Native American facts, history, and pictures, some pictures over one hundred years old.
Six national parks of the west and southwest and more.

"Pacific Coast!"
The Beach, boats, ships, people, wildlife, the harbor, fun in the sun. What more could want!
"Flowers and Plants!"
domestic & wild
Flowers and plants from across the American landscape.  Lots of plants unique
to a particular area