Remember God does not live in buildings made of brick and mortar, He lives in people who love Him and follow His Commands.
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Welcome to, "From the Pastor"
your internet Spiritual resource center.
This is an interactive page, that is, everything is something good. This is most likely, one of the most interactive Christian web sites that you will encounter. Communication and multi-media. I want you to get the answers that you need, and if you do not need answers, this is your web source for fellowship and a internet Christian environment. I hope that it will be a great experience for you. Please use one of the resources that I have provided to let me know what you think! Come back often and tell your friends. This site is "on the grow" so don't miss out. "Read and browse this whole page so that you will know what is available!"
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"Get it straight!" if you claim to be a Christian.

"Hell, what about it?"

To and fro, to and fro!

What does God think about America, in

The way things should be!

Prosperity American Style, as our children die!

The Power of the Holy Spirit, dying to yourself!

What is your calling?

Get over it and get to a Higher Level!
keep going!
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I am able to bring this to you thanks to my Father in Heaven, his son Jesus who is the Christ, the living word and the King of Kings who will reign forever and to my dearly beloved Pastor and Teacher Dr. Lester Sumrall who now lives in Heaven.
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